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Get 100% fare control

Why drive with DRIFE

Daily Payment

With Drife, when you get paid for the ride, your earnings automatically get transferred to your bank account daily. You can choose how frequently you want to get paid from your driver app.

No Commission

With DRIFE, 100% of the fare that's paid will be yours and you will be able to take your full earnings home. With our zero-commission structure, it will lead to better incomes.

Network Building

As a DRIFE Partner, you can earn incentives in the platform’s native DRF tokens for your active participation within the platform through ride activities, referral bonuses, and bounties.


How do I become a DRIFE Partner ?


Get Your App

Download the Drife Partner app which is available in  the google play store.


Apply and Get Approved

Apply by filling the application to drive and get approved immediately after a necessary background check.


Take Rides and Earn

Pick your rides and start earning money.


Get Paid Daily

Get your daily earnings in your bank account every day.

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Requirements to apply for DRIFE

Your Driving Licence

You’ll need to meet the age requirement. Valid driver’s license duly approved by the RTO.

Background Check

We’ll need your consent to complete a criminal background check and to review your driving history.

Car Documents

If you’re using your own car, upload your Insurance, RC Book, Road Tax Receipt, and Fitness Certificate. Some regions will require vehicle inspection as well.

Driver Documents

You need to provide and upload your proof of residence, aadhar card, bank account details, and a canceled cheque.

Your Car, or a Rental

You must have a 4-door vehicle, if you have rented a car from someone else you will need a NOC from the owner of the vehicle.

Instant Payment

The Drife Driver app and its features help you make 100% of the fare thats paid by the rider. A zero-commission structure leads to better incomes for drivers